Financial & Insurance

Treatment Includes Diagnostic Records

This is a way of measuring and diagnosing the patient’s needs and determining the most effective treatment plan.

Active Treatment

This includes the placement of appliances, as well as the maintenance and treatment of appliances. It also includes any normal, minor emergencies, and any x-rays needed in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible.


Retention Phase

Upon completion of orthodontic treatment, appliances are removed, final records are done, and retaining appliances (retainers) are placed. Patients are seen periodically over the next 12 months and retainers are monitored and adjusted at these visits as needed.

It is our goal to make your orthodontic experience in our office as pleasant and comfortable as it can possibly be. Our friendly office staff is here to help you with any financial questions or concerns you may have. The cost of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the severity of the problems. Treatment cost and payment options will be discussed prior to starting treatment. In an effort to make orthodontic treatment affordable for any budget, we offer several different payment options. We will work with you to determine what the best financial plan is for you and your family.

Payment options are as follows:

  • In-house interest-free financing: Courtesy arrangements can be made to spread your payments over a period of months. Interest free financing is offered with automatic payments.
  • Third-party financing: You can enjoy no down payment and low monthly payments through CareCredit.Payment in full: A bookkeeping courtesy discount is given when the account is paid in full at the start of treatment.
  • Credit cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

We also offer discounts for multiple family members undergoing treatment at the same time.


If you have orthodontic insurance please bring in your insurance card. Having this information at the first appointment will allow us to give you a more accurate estimate of your costs. We are happy to work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit possible. We are a preferred provider for Cigna, MetLife and Delta Dental. As a courtesy to our patients, we do accept assignment of benefit (direct payment) from most insurance companies & will deduct this benefit from the total cost of treatment. The balance can then be financed interest free. Please remember that the information obtained prior to the start of treatment is just an estimate. Orthodontic insurance is a benefit to the patient not the orthodontist. Services are provided based on patient need, not insurance allowance or payment. If during the course of treatment, insurance benefits change, the responsible party is accountable for any unpaid insurance balance.



Should you have to move while in active treatment, your account will be pro-rated based on services rendered. Patients being treated with Invisalign® will be pro-rated individually.

Working Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8am - 5pm

*We offer early appointments at 7:30am and late appointments until 6 pm a few times each month.